Why Jack likes listening to the Scorpions…

What does one think of immediately after reading the title?

Two things, I presume – Jack and The Scorpions (at least that’s what an average person would think about, under normal circumstances).

Now, the question arises, who is Jack? Is he some completely wacko guy like Jack Frost or am I referring to one of my acquaintances?

In fact, Jack turns out to be a pseudonym I’ve used for myself (and the precious few like-minded people in the world).

Now, this very amiable fellow – Jack, as I am going to refer to myself in this post, happens to spend a lot of his time online – mostly on social-networking sites and youtube. One fine day, while was doing his usual thing,  when he stumbled upon the song Wind of change. He heard it, he liked it, he heard it again and liked it even better. he found out about the artist and recognized it as the band his father was fond of back when he was about 7.  He had heard it before, about a million times, mostly on road trips with his family when he was young. It was reminiscent of his childhood. It reminded him of all the swiveling turns through the mountains and the rugged terrain he had wearily trudged on.

Where I fell in love with the Scorpions

THIS was something he had utterly and completely forgotten. The song itself was soothing and told about how things were moving on, somehow he felt at peace with the message of the song.

He ran a few searches and came up with a few tracks by the Band, songs he did not know the names of, but were still etched in his memory. He heard ‘Rock you like a hurricane’, ‘Love will keep us alive’, ‘Knockin’ on heaven’s door’ and went like “Oh! I remember this!” after each song. He was fascinated by the way they sang their songs, the way they played their music and the way they had been such an important part of his childhood. He put their songs on his phone, listening to them whenever he got the time to do so, which was quite often. He walked down to places humming the melodies of these good-old songs.

He forced people to listen to them; always thinking that he was, in fact, blessing them with the opportunity to listen to the Band. Most people did not find it as good as Jack did; some disposed of it. But then they hadn’t been to the Himalayas, running around in circles on the winding roads, with nothing to keep track of – except the song that was playing.

The band - Scorpions

And THAT, my friend, is why Jack likes listening to the Scorpions…



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2 responses to “Why Jack likes listening to the Scorpions…

  1. Heena

    *I bow down to thee sista!*

    You have done me proud young lady. That’s pretty intelligent,smart & crisp. Keep it up!

    P.s- *Tiny-winy suggestion* I want to see a bit more of you in every post you write. I want to know more about how YOU view the world & your LIFE.

    P.p.s- Congratulations! You are pretty brilliant at what you do 🙂

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